Choosing The Best Boarding Kennel For Your Four-Legged Friend

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There are millions of dog lovers that have to deal with finding reliable care for their dogs on a yearly basis whilst they are away. The best kennels are very often fully booked months in advance, especially during favourable holiday periods. For this reason, it is vital to organise boarding facilities well in advance of your holiday.

The welfare of your four-legged friend, along with your peace of mind, is of the utmost importance. Therefore, it is imperative that you select the right boarding kennel. It is always a good idea to contact a couple of different boarding kennels in your area and question them about the service they provide. You should also consider visiting those kennels to ensure that their said practices are actually in place. The last thing you would want to do is arrive the day before your holiday and discover that you do not in fact like the facilities that they offer, which would result in you not enjoying your holiday.

Things To Look For in a Kennel

  • Do the kennels look and smell clean? Is there enough light and ventilation? Is the temperature comfortably maintained?

  • Are the staff knowledgeable and friendly?

  • Are the animals required to be up-to-date with their vaccinations? Do the dogs have their own individual runs and exercise plans? Are veterinary services available?

  • If you have more than one dog, is it possible for them to stay together? Is bedding provided? How often are the dogs fed? Can they be provided with a special diet, if necessary?

  • Is the outdoor space sufficient? Are the dogs protected from wind and rain?

  • How do the kennels calculate their rates?

It is important to check that all kennels you visit are licensed by their local authority and that they have a current certificate clearly on display to prove it.

When visiting kennels, ensure that they are well built and secure. A good thing to look out for when visiting is whether the animals that are already there seem calm and relaxed. This will show that they are happy and being looked after. If the dogs are whining and barking continuously, or generally showing unhappy behaviour, then you may wish to visit somewhere else.

Making Your Booking

The boarding kennels should keep a written copy of your booking, including your contact details, emergency contact details, your vet's contact details and any special requirements for your dog. Enquire as to what you will need to personally provide. Such things may include a collar and lead, treats, toys or preferred bedding. Familiar items from home may help your dog to settle in.