How to Prepare to Send Multiple Cats to a Boarding Centre

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Getting ready for a holiday can be so stressful that you need the break just to feel like yourself again. Booking tickets, sorting out a hotel, buying insurance, shopping for items you need, packing – the list of things to do before you can finally relax seems to go on and on. And that stress is increased even further if you have pets to think of as well.

In most cases, you won't be able to take your cat with you on holiday, which leaves you with just one option: finding somewhere for it to stay. That, and all of the preparation that goes with it, can take up quite a bit of your time with a single cat, but what if you have two? Or more? As long as you make sure all the important points are covered, sending multiple cats to boarding needn't be too stressful.

Check out the boarding place

Most cat boarders will be happy to let you take a look around before you book a stay for your cats. In fact, if they won't, it should ring alarm bells. It's always a good idea to try and plan a visit, but even more so if you have several cats.

You'll want to look at the size of the enclosures, making sure there's room for the cats to be housed together if this will make them more comfortable. Alternatively, if there's a possibility they will make each other more stressed, find out if they can be kept out of sight of one another.

Get up to date with medical issues

With more than one cat, there's a higher chance that you'll forget to keep vet checks and vaccinations up to date. Check your records to make sure all the cats are covered, that you have record cards, and that you're stocked up on any medication they need.

Plan your transportation

Make sure you have enough carriers so each cat can have one to themselves. Even cats who are normally the best of friends can start to fight in stressful situations like car journeys. You may have to do multiple trips to get them all in, but this is better than the alternative.

Understand your cats' personalities

Know how your cats differ, and what that means for each one when they're boarding. Some cats will take to it easily, while others will struggle, and when you have more than one, it's more difficult to intuitively predict.

Make notes

Give details of all of your cats' quirks and particular needs to the person in charge of boarding. It's more difficult for them to remember this when several come in at once.